Email provider

A French cloud-based marketing communication software suite for email marketing, transactional email, etc.

Sendinblue is a SaaS solution for relationship marketing. The company was founded in 2007 by Armand Thiberge and Kapil Sharma, and offers a cloud-based marketing communication software suite with email marketing (send newsletters/large scale campaigns, as well as SMS marketing campaigns, to contact segments), transactional email (send transactional SMTP emails/SMS to contacts based on events such as confirmation emails, password reset, etc)., marketing automation, customer relationship management, landing pages, Facebook ads, retargeting ads, SMS marketing, and more.

As of April 2020, the company reported a community of over 80.000 users in more than 160 countries and sends over 100 million emails each day.

Run an email deliverability check

1. On the dashboard menu, click on the top right button “Run a new test”.

2. Send an email you want to test to the address showed in the pop-up and click on the "Next" button.

3. Wait for the results to be processed, it can take up to 2 minutes.

4. Get your complete deliverability report.

5. You successfully ran an email deliverability test!

If you encounter any difficulties to test your Sendinblue inbox, do not hesitate to contact us directly on our live chat Intercom.

Check your email deliverability & fix your issues.