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How many deliverability test can I run?

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I got a perfect score, but still landing in spam!

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Is your product GDPR-compliant?


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The best tool around. Period.

A very helpful and easy solution to quickly check email deliverability and understand what's wrong with your emails. Mailook documentation provided us with very valuable tips. Just thank you.

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I fixed ALL my deliverability issues! Anyone who send emails should have a look.

Run a Deliverability Check with Mailook has been the first step we took to solve our long-lasting spam issues. We increased our delivery rate from 74% to 98% following the Mailook tips and tutorials.

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Fantastic… and free!

Excellent features set, nice interface, great support, and really promising roadmap. Would definitely recommend Mailook to anyone that wants to check its email deliverability and stay away from spam.

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Highly recommended to avoid landing the Spam folder!

Email deliverability is no longer a black box. We have been able to identify why our emails were not delivered and how to fix our deliverability issues.

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Check your email deliverability & fix your issues.